Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR

Hi I'm Bryan Hoyer K7UDR and I'd like to tell you why I'm running for the TAPR board, but first a little about my background.

I spent 25 years in Silicon Valley as a Hardware Engineer, FPGA Designer and small business entrepreneur. I have designed dozens of pcbs, both analog and digital. Everything from switching power supplies to microwave power meters and multi-processor computer systems. In the late 80s I became fascinated with FPGAs and worked as a Xilinx consultant for several years designing video circuits, motor controllers and communications circuits.

I earned my Ham License in 2000 primarily to use HF email from my boat. When I moved to the San Juan Islands in 2007 I became involved with local EMCOMM including use of the Winlink system. I then joined forces with a local ham and retired programmer, and we set out to build a faster more economical UHF digital radio which we launched at Dayton Hamvention earlier this year as the UDR56K. It supports both the AX25 and D-STAR protocols. You can learn more about it at

During the development of the product, I've learned about the awesome contributions of many hams from around the world. There is a vast array of open source projects that all contribute to the knowledge and capabilities that we share in this rich hobby. I see TAPRs role in all of this as both an incubator for hardware/software projects and an information delivery system for Hams around the world.

As a TAPR board member I hope to further efforts being made to build hybrid radio/internet linking to span the globe using my engineering and communications skills. It is vitally important that new techniques come from within the amateur community in open source form and not just from radio manufacturers. This way, all can benefit and we avoid protocol wars and incompatible systems as are often seen in commercial environments.

Thanks for your vote!
Bryan Hoyer - K7UDR