Tom Holmes, N8ZM

Tom Holmes, N8ZM, was first licensed in 1971 and holds an Extra class license. He lives near Dayton, Ohio, and as a result, has been involved with the Dayton Hamvention in some capacity since 1975, including serving several terms as President of the sponsoring Dayton Amateur Radio Association.

His primary interest in ham radio is VHF/UHF/microwave contesting, and he sees that the application of digital technology to this activity has tremendous potential.

Tom has served as TAPR Treasurer since early 2004, and in that time has seen TAPR's cash flow grow considerably due to the HPSDR projects. While serving as Treasurer as a non-Director, Tom has been privileged to have non-voting input to the decisions of the Board, which he feels has helped the Board make informed decisions. However, there are always improvements to be made in TAPR's financial management and I appreciate being re-elected to that position by the Board to continue working on implementing those improvements.

Tom is retired, but does work part-time for Agilent Technologies, delivering training classes on microwave test equipment.