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[aprssig] Hidden tracker with laptop access

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 1 14:32:14 UTC 2004

>>> sv2agw at raag.org 12/1/04 3:50:30 AM >>>
>inform you about the mUSB TNT (Terminal Node &Tracker)
>Supports digi functions RELAY,WIDE,TRACE,WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n, 
>call substitution , dupe checking etc

This sounds exciting!  A digi on every fence post.
AND the ability to fix the APRS network at the same time.

This reminds me to jot down my wish list for all new digis
that we might see in the future.  These are probably too
much for your simple PIC TNT, but I may as well list my

1) Do not allow the "ID" mode on the UIFLOOD which
    obliterates prior path data
2) Include the "FIRST" option on UIFLOOD so that if
    the digi is the *first* digi to hear it, then and only
    then does it insert its call before the UIFLOOD call.
3) Allow more than one UIFLOOD name for things like 
    LINKn-N, and LANn-N's
4) Do pacekt comparisons-dupe elimination on all digipeats
    not just UIFLOOD ones.
5) For UIFLOOD set to WIDE, allow an "Nlimit"

When the digi hears a WIDEn-N where "n minus N" is greater
or equal to the Nlimit, then the packet is digipeated, but the
WIDEn-N position is replaced with two fields:
    this digi's call, followed by "QRTn-N"
This violates my usual preference to never "filter or ignore"
a user's chosen path, but in this case, this digi is saying
"OK, Ill take it, but I will not further propagate it".

6) And (drum roll please) my last request would be for
an OUTPUT bit out of the device that can be used to
SWITCH transmitters (or Xtals) based on what the digi 
wants to do with the packet.
   a) If it is a packet to be ignored, it could still "digipeat"
       it, but turn this bit ON so that an alternate channel
       (say local UHF) transmitter can be triggerd so that
       these long-haul or unwelcome packets can be
       alternately routed around this city, or can be monitored
       remotely to see what packets are being "ignored".
   b) This could be extended with an "ALT-PATH"
       parameter such that an incoming packet with the
       "alt-path" in the digi field would always trigger this
   c) For example, this digi could alt-route ALL WIDEn-N
       packets to get them around this city, but let them
       further propogate on an alternate WIDEn-N backbone.

Anyway, just some thoughts on where we need to be
going in the future...

de WB4APR, Bob

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