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[aprssig] How to write a simple APRS digipeater?

ÈÙлª/BD6CR rong at ustc.edu
Thu Dec 2 02:43:54 UTC 2004

Hi gentlemen,

I am thinking of implementing an APRS only stand-alone digipeater based on the hardware of W2FS KISS TNC introduced in Nov. 2000 issue of QST. The hardware has enough external RAM(32KB) and FLASH program ROM(PIC16F877) and it should be no problem for a simple digipeater implementation.

As the first step, I want to support Mycall, RELAY, WIDE, WIDEN-N, no TRACE, no Dup check, no Alias Sub. And only one port for both RX and TX.

I am not familiar with either AX.25 or APRS protocol now. I wonder if I need to read through both protocols to do my job, or just the packet format.

I have searched the web trying to find some examples to follow, but nothing useful. So I write this post here to see if I can get some useful tips or advices. Thank you in advance.

Adam Rong, BD6CR
USTC Alumni Email System 

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