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[aprssig] Re: APRSpoint and other map sources

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Thu Dec 2 20:01:13 UTC 2004

<<By the way, both MapPoint 2004   (used by APRSpoint and UI-View's add-in
UI-Point)   and Precision Mapping 6.0   (used directly by UI-View)   use
the SAME commercially enhanced and cleaned-up Tiger database sold by GDT
(Geographic Data Technology) to various map publishers.
      You will see almost exactly the same errors, missing streets, etc>>

 "Almost" but apparently not identical. I checked Precision Maps v.6 against
the USGS Topo (via Acmemapper.com) and the satellite imagery on Acme. (Since
I'm in the far corner of a quad, it should conform pretty well between the
satphoto and the topo.) And against the TIGER maps.
 PMap6 is better than the TIGER. Way better. But still a bit off from the
USGS, offhand about 75-100 feet as against some 200-250 for the TIGER.
Still...at least PMap puts me on the edge of the right block, instead of the
next street over like TIGER does.

I like USGS mapping. I wish there was a $50 APRS solution that fully
implemented APRS, and included a full USGS topo map set. I know, I know,
more likely that we'll get "World Peas!" as Homer Simpson once did.<G>

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