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Mark A. Lewis mark at siliconjunkie.net
Thu Dec 2 23:20:06 CST 2004

This is not a Windows/Linux issue. It is a user issue. Both Windows and
Linux know how to deal with ASCII text files in that they can read them.
But, if I see a READ.me in Linux, I do 'cat READ.me|more' to see what is
in it. Windows users usually don't think like this, and most don't have
cat. I wish I had a Linux box around here with X installed, curious what
would happen if I just clicked a .me or .win32 file that is text. I will
have to try that tomorrow at work.

The question becomes, to me, is would it be wiser/more friendly to name
the files MAPS-README.txt instead of maps.readme or similar? IMO, yes,
it would be. If a Linux user sees it, they will know what to do, and
Windows users will not be isolated. This, of course applies to
applications that aim to be cross platform or portable. The typical
Linux user who downloads source and compiles it, is aware of these
things. Something could be said for the fact that a Windows user
endeavoring to install Cygwin and Xastir should not expect a "click and
go" experience. But, if you want to attract this user base, at least
some concessions should be made for them.

The other side of this is files with no extension, which is common on
*nix, but unheard of on Windows.

Just some thoughts....

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On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> In my opinion, this is all part and parcel of Bob B's constant refrain

> about programmers forcing unneccesary complexity and burdens on the 
> end user.

So I should be concerned that Windows doesn't know how to open ASCII
text files, that are probably the most pervasive and understood file
formats of all time?

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