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[aprssig] RE: APRSPoint

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Fri Dec 3 18:57:07 UTC 2004

<<Without the proper extension, the user has to:>>
 Not at all. When the file extension is incorrect, the user only has to:
1-Right Click, select OPEN WITH.
2-Choose a program to read the file, and optionally Click the "Always use"
box to make it stick.

And that's just one of many shorter faster alternatives. If you keep
Notepad, or any text editor, on the desktop or the system tray, you can
drag-n-drop the file right onto it to open, as well. Purely graphical, no
typing needed.

No big deal, couple of seconds, but Microsoft actually left out the
right-click support at one time because so few users bothered to learn what
it can do. README files of whatever kind really should end in .TXT on any
Wintel system. README.MAPS.TXT is a legitimate file name in any recent
version of Windows, that would suit equally well.

<< the file name extension, while critical to the
internal operation of Windows, is HIDDEN FROM VIEW TO THE USER.>>
 Only to the novice. Most of us know that immediately on setting up a new
Wintel box, you set the viewing options to VIEW all extensions, and change
that pesky default. Again. MS's "Usability Lab" claims that most users are
confused by extensions and would prefer not to see them, so the default
setting is to hobble the user by hiding things.

 Sometimes I suspect MS is right to hide things: Consider all the highly
trained ham
radio operators who can't figure out how to cut-n-paste, and quote entire
digest list postings and quoted-quoted-quotes three deep in their list

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