[aprssig] ISS tracking of the Army/Navy Game Ball

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 3 13:48:37 CST 2004

At 1554 EST (1454 CDT and 2054z) the ISS might be
digipeating the position of the Army/Navy game football
using the tactical call FBALL and CHASE.

The 18 hour football run began at noon EST and will
run 18 hours or so till 0700 EST arrival in Philly.  They
will QSY to the APRS digipeater on ISS for that pass.

But in the mean time you can see the terrestrial track
including aerial photos of position on the web page below: 

An easy way to remember it is to GOOGLE: usna football run

Bob Bruninga
USNA Satellite Lab

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