[aprssig] APRSPoint

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Sun Dec 5 13:38:52 CST 2004

Hello Ken.

It is my opinion that some program needs to come along and obsolete UI-View. 
Respectfully, with the passing of Roger, UI-View will no longer have the 
same vision Roger had for it and that is becoming very apparent with 
policies that are being handed down....not Roger's vision and not his 
policy.  Add-ons will occur but I doubt seriously if the main program will 
go any farther than where it's at right now.
So, for me, it's time to move onto something else......but the big question 
is to what?  I went over to APRSPoint in hopes of seeing some exciting new 
program and what I saw was a huge sales pitch for a product that does not 
hold a candle to UI-View or Xastir.  I did not see anything that indicated 
future plans for the product either so it leaves one wondering where it's 
going if anywhere.  Certainly not worth a dime to me at this point simply 
because it does not do a tenth of what I have now.  I read where it 
continually compared itself to and how much better it was than WinAPRS and 
that in itself did not impress me at all.  To me, a product that is good 
does not need to compare itself with any other product and should be able to 
stand on it's own.  Maybe Curt should add it to the APRS comparison list and 
see how it measures to all others.  It might be there, I can never remember 
the URL!
If you look at the software out there for APRS, Xastir is really the only 
product out there of a high caliper that is still being actively updated and 
moving on with new technology/ new ideas to the best of my knowledge.  I can 
not think of any other program actively moving forward.  Personally, I am 
not savvy running Linux anything so Xastir is beyond my use.  Is there light 
at the end of the tunnel for APRS or has it reached it's potential limit? 
Only time will tell.

If APRSPoint continues to develop, it may just be the next big kid on the 
block!  The timing is right.  I hope it does...or something does!  With the 
likes of UI-View and Xastir whoever the next big kid is has their work 
cutout for them!  It also needs to support Public Service and it needs to 
understand Government policies in regards to software being run on 
government systems.  UI-View's new registration policies have shut the door 
on UI-View's use on most all government systems in the United States so that 
leaves out many public service opportunites for hams.....but I suppose 
that's what hams are use too, slamming doors in their faces.



From: "Ken Kinyon" <w7ts at comcast.net>
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Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: [aprssig] APRSPoint

> Hello to all,
> I am a beginner at APRS.  I first tried UI-View. I had no problem getting
> started with it.  I then ordered APRSpoint because of the mapping.
> I have had a lot of trouble so far getting it to operate.  it is not 
> nearly
> as intuitive as UI-View.  I am sure that I will eventually get everything
> configured, but it is taking a while.
> 73,
> Ken W7TS

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