[aprssig] Pictures from recovery of Ham Radio Balloon today

rwf rwf at bsrg.org
Sun Dec 5 20:47:44 CST 2004

Pictures from recovery of WB8ELK-11 at The Atlanta Balloonatics home page

Launched by Bill Brown, WB8ELK from Huntsville Alabama.

Recovered by:
Dick and Sandy
wb7ond & kc4tbq of Fayetteville, NC

Chased by

Darrin Pierce AG4BF
Jesse Pierce KG4IBN
Ralph  Fowler N4NEQ
Lin  Holcomb N4YCI
Spencer  Fowler (no call yet)

This balloon was launched from Huntsville Alabama, got into the jet stream 
at 117,000 ft and traveled 445 miles at 125 MPH almost to the ocean before 
finally bursting and parachuting down. It had an APRS package on board 
which functioned flawlessly all the way to the ground.


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