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[aprssig] (Ab)Use of APRS for telemetry? Anyone doing it?

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Mon Dec 6 04:55:39 UTC 2004

Yup, we are!

We use a telemetry circuit board that goes inside the KPC3+ and monitor
AC power voltage, Generator voltage, DC supply voltage on all the units.
By using a DB25 extender with terminals on the top, we drop this device
in line and hook up the devices to the terminals, allowing throughput of
the rest of the pins.

We're going to be working on our web page soon adding a telemetry page
that will grab all the telemetry data from our sites and compile it
there.  In our spare time.

Here is a document detailing what we've got going so far, thanks to the
design and engineering of Paul WA7ZVY who made this all possible.



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> I see the the APRS spec talks about telemetry via APRS, and I was just
> wondering it anyone was using this feature. Yes, I realize that posits
and WX
> can be considered telemetry, but I'm talking about other uses of
> Like sending data back from remote sensors, or controlling stuff (
> door, gate, lights, water pumps, cat feeder, etc)
> Anyone doing anything like this? If so, let me know.
>  - jim
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