[aprssig] (Ab)Use of APRS for telemetry? Anyone doing it?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 6 08:42:23 CST 2004

>>> washer at trlp.com 12/5/04 4:53:16 PM >>>
>I see the the APRS spec talks about telemetry via APRS, 
>and I was just wondering it anyone was using this feature.

Not only telemetry, but remote command/control of the
8 bits on  your parallel port!

For telemetry:  Findu.com even has a cgi that will list all stations
in the world that are sending telemetry live.  For example,
my 144.99 alt-input digi in Annapolis sends its battery voltage.
All KPC-3+ TNC's have these 5 channel analog inputs and
output in APRS format.

Also, APRSdos has on-air commands for not only reading
the status of the 8 bits on your parallel port, but also has
an on-air command to set those bits to give you 8 independent
ON/OFF controls for your shack from yoru D7 HT anywhere 
in the world.

See http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/APRS-docs/I-O.TXT

or google i-o.txt aprs

de WB4APR, Bob

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