[aprssig] (Ab)Use of APRS for telemetry? Anyone doing it?

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I was referring more to the scheme of sending coefficients and units.
Always seemed to me there had to be an easier way.  And while the xxxxxxxx
binary scheme is easier to read at a glance (for non-geeks especially :)
using hex would save 6 bytes.  For human readability, the scheme is OK when
you're dealing with linear readings.

I haven't seen the KPC-3+'s password-protected I/O feature.  I'll have to
check that out.  Though no TNC I've seen yet has had any kind of strong


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>I think the APRS telemetry system is a bit too 'heavy'
>for most simple systems to implement.

That sentence is a little harsh. Just to clarify that statement:

Well, its main advantage is that it is built-in to every one
of the thousands of Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC's and
every one of the original Mic-E's and Mic Encoders
and it is simple and human readable:  FOrmat is:


Where SSS is the serial number
111-555 are the 5 channels of analog values (0-999)
and xxxxxxxx is the status of 8 bits.

Also the KPC-3+ TNC gives the user 3 on/off password
protected ON/OFF switch functions.

In fact, we use Kantronics TNC's as-is as the basis
for the satellties we have been building using just
this built-in telemetry and command control...

de WB4APR, Bob

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