[aprssig] (Ab)Use of APRS for telemetry? Anyone doing it?

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Dec 6 09:25:24 CST 2004

On 12/6/04 at 7:17 AM scott at opentrac.org sent:

>I was referring more to the scheme of sending coefficients and units.

I do agree with that, which is probably why that feature goes unused. Last time
I looked, perhaps a year ago, I could not a single station sending both
telemetry and quadratic coefficients. I do not implement it reception of those
messages, but do allow the user to specify them in a link giving a correct
telemetry plot with tele1.cgi, several people are doing that now.

The scheme for sending the telemetry values is very straightford and widely
implemented, does your hardware support that? If not, you should consider adding

Steve K4HG

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