[aprssig] New FINDU cgi for searching by SYMBOL

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 6 15:13:14 CST 2004

>>> ramirault at erols.com 12/6/04 2:28:45 PM >>>
>For this to work, pretty much all the "subject" stations 
>need to use the  (agreed upon) symbol.  This is the weakest 
>link. ... it's likely to be real hard (IMHO) to get everyone 
>on board.

Yes, exactly.  And that is the purpose of this thread, to encourage
people involved in like-minded  HAM activities to choose an
APRS symbol to represent it.  

I think the reason we havent seen the 432 potential overlay
symbols used that much is because so few of the APRS clones 
have supported them since they were introduced in 1995..  

Thanks  Bob

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From: "Robert Bruninga"
Subject: [aprssig] New FINDU cgi for searching by SYMBOL
> This is what triggered this need, because someone was looking
> for a way to find out all the scout camps that have HAM
> stations.  This simple CGI above lets you do that.  The format
> for the cgi is:

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