[aprssig] APRS Symbols- Direction/Vectoring

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Dec 7 10:51:10 CST 2004

What I'd still like to see is an application that draws the regular icons,
and then when you mouse over a crowded bunch of them, would explode them out
to data blocks around the screen with lines indicating their actual

And how about the ability to tag a station with text notes?  They don't need
to go anywhere, just let me keep track of stuff like SAR team assignments
and last checkin time.


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> >>> "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 12/7/04 11:22:48 AM >>>
> >> I)    In general there is inconsistency  in the direction the
> mobiles
> >> are pointed....
> >
> >Xastir has four rotations for each symbol.  We do flip pixels.
> Wow, good work.  I always wanted to add that to APRSdos,
> but since 6 of my symbols already point in any direction, I
> had less incentive.  But I like what you have done.
> Good work.
> Bob

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