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[aprssig] Droping WIDEn-N does work!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 10 02:15:27 UTC 2004

>>> "Brian B. Riley" <brianbr at mac.com> 12/9/04 8:48:18 PM >>>
>THIS IS GREAT! I would like to add this here... please
>explain.   If I put in WIDE2-2 and WIDE3-3 into the UIDIGI 
>list, the KPC3+ will digi WIDE2-1, WIDE3-1, and WIDE3-2 as

No, it will ignore those and *only* digi the packet when it
is first heard from a visitng mobile that is using WIDE2-2
or WIDE3-3.  It will digipeat it ONCE as WIDE2-2* or
WIDE3-3*, so that at least the mobile gets heard once.

But in the new n-N paradigm, the standard MOBILE path 
should be simply RELAY,WIDE and when you head cross
country on a long interstate you might want to change to
##LNK5-5 for interstate ##.  Remember, a 5-5 on a LNKn-N
system only does 3% of the damage that a WIDE5-5 used
to do...  So it is quite fine with me...


Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

On 12/9/04 10:41 AM, "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

>>>> <dick at kb7zva.com> 11/22/04 12:45:24 PM >>>
>> But [after droping WIDEn-N flooding] to also support W2-2
>> and W3-3 locals, we added those starting paths into the
>> UIDIGI alias list so that mobiles using a "decent path" of
>> W2-2 or W3-3 will get out.
> This is brilliant!
> 1) It completely squleches out of area WIDEn-N QRM
> 2) Yet it allows passing through mobiles that are set to
>     respectible W2-2 or W3-3 to still get out their first hop!
> 3) and as long as "this" digi with this setting can hit
>    at least ONE WIDEn-N digi somewhere, then their
>    packet will continue onward
> 4) It discourages anything over W3-3, by simply ignoring them!
> I love it.  SImple, and it works. and can be implemented
> NOW by any remote-sysop where it is needed.
> This set up is ideal for a digi that is one hop beyond the
> fringe of a major metro area.  Droping the WIDEn-N
> entirely acts as a firewall against the propogation of
> long distance and unwanted WIDEn-N QRM while still
> passing "decent" mobiles passing through.
> de WB4APR, Bob
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