[aprssig] Clipped menus in Xastir and other ?'s

J. Lance Cotton joe at lightningflash.net
Sat Dec 11 22:49:12 CST 2004

John Kraus wrote:
> I just installed MEPIS and did the Xastir install.  I am seeing the 
> leading letters on menu items clipped off.
> I have posted two screen shots here:
> http://www.kc4zgq.com/errormenu.htm
> Any thoughts on this.

I have seen this with the very latest version of lesstif used as the 
widget library. As Curt often suggests: OpenMotif is less buggy than 
lesstif. I don't know the intricate details of MEPIS, so I don't know if 
you could downgrade lesstif or replace it with OpenMotif...

> I am planning to put some time into getting this running and learning 
> it   With the future of UI-View looking bleak I want to be able to offer 
> an alternative to the Georgia ARES community.
> Here are my key questions:
> Can Xastir function as a bi-directional IGATE?

Yes, it can pass all TNC traffic to an Inet server and will pass message 
packets from Inet to RF if the message is addressed to a station heard 
on the TNC (or maybe heard locally on the TNC, I am not sure).

> How do I setup to gate only weather warnings and objects?

In your xastir configuration data folder (~/.xastir/data/) create a file 
named nws-stations.txt and populated it with the NWS previxes which you 
wish to gate to RF (example):


> Can Xastir function as a Digipeater?

Xastir can only do relay digipeating, meaning it will only digipeat (if 
enabled) on the "RELAY" alias. If you want a full featured digipeater 
that runs in linux, try aprsdigi or digi-ned.

> Also I remember someone on the APRSSIG mentioning a *.zip file with 
> shapefile maps that could be installed then indexed.  I can't find a 
> link on the Xastir site that works.  I want to be able to setup a box 
> quickly with a functional set of maps for use when it is not connected 
> to the internet.  This rules out the download options.  Most of these 
> boxes will only be running Xastir and will have plenty of space on the 
> hard drive.  I also have about 12-15 1-4GB hard drives that I can load 
> with maps then install in other systems.

http://xastir.tamu.edu has the TIGER2003 data in shapefile format for 
the whole U.S., available by state or by county.

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joe at lightningflash.net
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