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[aprssig] Re: Balloon Altitude (was Clipped menus inXastirandother ?'s)

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Dec 13 18:07:11 UTC 2004

On 12/13/04 at 10:48 AM Larry Cerney <lcerney at viawest.net> sent:

>O.K. I understand all you are saying.  I checked the raw data from 1400
>hours ago and it appears to be the data from my balloon flight yesterday.
>So, it looks to me like somewhere along the line the date stamping has an
>error in it.
Are we talking about the balloon AE0SS-11 yesterday that I listed the URLs for,
or did you also fly a balloon with the callsign K0ANI-11 yesterday?

If so, none of those packets made it to findU.com. I also checked with APRSworld
to make sure it isn't a problem with findU, and the last packet Jim has from
K0ANI-11 is October 15, even earlier than findU has. Unless Jim and I have
exactly the same bug, which is quite unlikely, no data from K0ANI-11 made it to
the APRS IS yesterday!

>So it seems that FindU might have been receiving data with a date stamp 1400
>hours slow, possibly from K0YG-7.
No, findU ignores timestamps on the packets, it uses the time a packet is
received from the APRS IS. These packets were indeed received 1394 hours ago!
Did K0ANI-11 fly October 16?

>No big deal now that I understand why I couldn't see yesterdays data with
You misunderstand, the reason is, if indeed K0ANI-11 flew yesterday, none of its
data made it to the APRS-IS, and therefore no data is archived on findU.com!

Steve K4HG

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