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[aprssig] BIG-TALL digis that hear FAR too MUCH!

Tate KC7ZRU kc7zru at arrl.net
Tue Dec 14 06:22:14 UTC 2004

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Robert Bruninga wrote:

"As we all know by now, any digi that can hear more than
about 60 users is definitely going to suffer real reliability

And in the list itself is written:

"This is a list of the really BIG TALL WIDE area DIGIS and
the number of stations within their claimed PHG circle.
Since anything above about 60 users average is a 100%
saturated channel, these digis appear to just hear too
much to be able to reliably support their users."

So, take a look at the collums and see what's being said here:

Sorted by largest PHG RANGE:
- ---------  --------  ---  ----
MELROZ     PHG4530   28   19

VE5ADR-4   PHG5850   100  5
VE5RHF     PHG4460   23   11
VE5YR-4    PHG6460   29   1

Since *NONE* of these digis hear anywhere CLOSE to 60 stations, but
rather 19, 5, 11 and 1 - even suggesting that these digis are a problem
or even should be modified (except maybe for optimistic PHG circles - if
applicable) is out of line and NOT what I believe is intended.

I do believe that's exactly with the number of stations listed is
included. Simple presence on the list isn't what counts - it's that
number of stations. Such stations that see 60 and over (300??!! Must be
the upper limit in the script, eh?) are the ones being addressed here.

Bob - come on, tell 'em I'm not all what on what I've understood you to
be say'n here, k?

Two I'm helping with are on the list as well (KD7AGA-5 and W7VNJ-5) -
between 'em, they both don't add up to 30 stations - yet and as I
understand things - are not on the 'offenders' roster. It'd be stupid to
suggest either be restricted - doing so would kill what little APRS
activity we do have out here. I can't think that's what Bob's after. Not
his style, ya know.


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