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[aprssig] BIG-TALL digis that hear FAR too MUCH!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 14 15:54:39 UTC 2004

>>> W0pc at aol.com 12/14/04 7:42:28 AM >>>
>Normal number for my Digi fluctuates between 12 and 21 stations heard. 
>That's no where near the 85 that you reported.
>73 de WØPC-15 (Rick)

I just did a map.findu.com and selected NEARBY STATIONS
and the list has over 50 within 23 miles of the W0PC-15 location.
Unfortunately that list on FINDU only lists the nearest 50, so
it is hard to say what is going on beyond that...

>Are you suggesting that Digis be turned off during periods of 
>enhanced band conditions? 

No not at all.  Again the list should only be used to see how
many stations are around your digi and to draw your own
conclusions as to whether it is hearing too much or not.

I appologize for the misswording on the subject of the list,
but am glad people are looking at it and considering what
they can do to improve reliablity in their area...


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