[aprssig] XM Satellite radio (off topic)

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Tue Dec 14 16:33:12 CST 2004

This is about as off-topic as I'd ever dare get, but there is a tie-in to APRS,
however tenuous...

Turns out the VP of engineering is a Citizen's Weather user, we emailed back and
forth a couple times on a techincal issue, and he sent me deal that is too good
not to share. Yes, I made sure it was really OK to pass along to everyone I
know, he even said it OK to spread beyond that, so you can share with everyone
you know too. If you are thinking about XM for the holidays, you won't find a
better deal anywhere! The prices there are even better than the half off he
claims, the new SkyFi2 is street price of $100, the home and vehicle kits
another $50, you get it with either the home or car kit for $50, or two-thirds

Sadly it doesn't cover the new MyFi, but I already have a deposit on one

I wouldn't have heard about this deal if it wasn't for APRS and all its users,
so there, instantly on-topic ;-)


Disclaimer: Though I used to own XM stock, I sold it for a nice profit a while
back, well below its present height...so don't ask me for stock advice ;-)

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And if you, or anyone else you know, is interested in a SkyFi, Boombox,
Roady or Commander, please feel free to go to www.xmradio.com/friends.  Use
my email as a login.  The Friends and Family program there gets half-off
prices on the hardware.  Tell everyone you know to login and buy, buy, buy.


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