[aprssig] bad PHG, or lots of big towers?

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Wed Dec 15 11:10:01 CST 2004

You are completely ignoring the situation like my digi , N1BQ-3, on a 65
foot tower, at 1600 feet AMSL on a fairly steep part of the western slope of
Mount Mansfield. Where, disregarding the wall of granite above and to the
East of me, my HAAT is 1200 feet or so. Out West I am sure there quite a
number of stations that could easily have an HAAT of 2K+.

Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

On 12/14/04 10:23 AM, "Jason Winningham" <jdw at eng.uah.edu> wrote:

> Looking through the data Bob posted I find 46 digis with advertised
> heights of 5120ft (a mile!) and 140 with heights of 2560 ft.
> Are there 186 towers over half a mile high with digis on them?  Are
> there even 186 towers over half a mile high in the world?
> Or are there a bunch of operators who don't know the difference between
> height and altitude?
> OK, the last one was rhetorical, but the first two were serious: are
> there really that many tall towers around?

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