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[aprssig] Packet Stats at Albany, NY

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at spamcop.net
Fri Dec 17 18:23:36 UTC 2004

For informational purposes only. These are stations observed on RF at 
the javAPRSGate at Albany, NY.
The station is approximately 20ft AGL. 3db omni directional antenna.
There are approximately 250 stations that are received on RF at this 
The Aloha Circle is approximately 50mi using near.cgi on findu.com

Top 5 users of the network
			12hr	%of					DX from
Callsign	Packets	Net	Path	AvgRate	Albany	~Aloha
KB1GMS-9	923		6.6	R,W3	20sec	129mi	15mi
N1XH-15		761		5.4	W3		60sec	103mi	30mi
W2DOC-9	 	405		2.9	T4/W,W	300sec	24mi	50mi
KK1W	 	373		2.6	W3		150sec	93mi	30mi
W1AW	 	361		2.6	W3		120sec	90mi	20mi

Top 5 VHF only DX

Call	DX		Path		AvgRate
VA3KMS	377mi	W7			300sec
N8YIB-2	339mi	W,W,W3		60sec
W1CAR-9	331mi	R,W,W3		180sec
KA1EKS-6330mi	T7/W3/W,W	400sec
AA3JY-4	287mi	W,W3/W,W,W	150sec

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Albany, NY

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