[aprssig] Bad news on todays 2 Balloons from Alabama

rwf rwf at bsrg.org
Sat Dec 18 21:27:45 CST 2004

We tracked them beyond the predicted NE GA landing spot,
We tracked them past the Columbia SC updated landing spot (thanks Wes KD4RDB)

GPS gave out on WB8ELK-11 near Gaffney SC and balloon was still at 90000+ 
ft.  It was still following behind the N4TXI-11 balloon.
We tracked them past Greenville SC, Rock Hill SC, Ft Bragg, NC  and even 
past where the one landed two weeks ago near Fayetteville NC.

When last seen N4TXI-11 was headed towards Europe having left the coast at 
Cape Hatteras NC at an altitude of 102,000 ft and a speed of over 100 MPH
If my (poor) calculations are correct, it should make landfall at Lisbon 
Portugal around 2PM EST on Tuesday.
I wonder if they use 144.39 in Portugal?
I think the APRS payload did have enough battery to make it.

Ralph   N4NEQ 

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