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Thu Dec 23 09:29:34 CST 2004

If somone is in an emergency he probably does not have
time to play radio and key in details using his thumb and

But if he sent the message, one needs to assume he
needs help.   I'd think the thing to do would be to
check on some obvious things:

1) Where is he (in a mountain ravine or K-mart parking lot)
2) Does his STATUS text say anything?  (it should)
but I think that FINDU does nothing with the STATUS
part which is a problem
3) Replay his track history.  Was he moving at 60 MPH
up until the minute before the emergency?

If nothing else, then you have an unknown emergency
at a location.  That's the best you can do... I guess...


>>> n5ysq at cox.net 12/21/04 1:08:20 PM >>>
I did receive an email from kd4ufd-14 today, thanking me and others for
response... Glad to hear Tom was OK...    But
The message I sent back, when I received the EMERGENCY BEACON never
ack'ed, and therefore I never knew if me, or anyone else was able to
Although I can see the thinking of     ONE WAY COMMUNICATIONS     it
nothing to insure COMMUNICATIONS..   What should you and I do, if we
see /
hear or receive an EMERGENCY BEACON from someone,  call 911,   try to
get in
touch with the calling party,  as I and possibly others did, maybe call
try to locate someone in the nearby area if possible????    Bottom line
this,   if you do NOT have full round trip COMMUNICATIONS someone, and
possibly both parties will be left in the DARK...

Have a nice day, and a Merry Christmas..

Billy (N5YSQ)
Paris, TX
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Subject: [aprssig] EMERGENCY BEACON FROM KD4UFD-14

Thank you all the quick responses.  I was in a Auto accident last
night. My
Cell was dead and need help.   We are OK on this end.  Although I feel
for the other guys  car.  We are still going to continue on our
vacation today to Gays Mills WI.  Thanks again...

73's  Tom Perry (KD4UFD)...

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