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Eric Christensen kf4otn at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 23 11:42:40 CST 2004

You are missing the point.  The digipeater that Bob is describing would only listen to 144.990 and thus would not be listening to out of area traffic.  Thus, only 2-5%.

Eric KF4OTN 

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There are some big assumptions in that. Our local digi on 144.39 does
not hear much non local traffic. Saying that TX load would only be 2-5%
because it is local only is very dependent on geography and if it can
hear other digis from where it is. 

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A real power-saver on SOlar Powered Digis:

If you need a digi in an area, but cannot afford the huge solar power
system to keep it on the air most of the time, consider making it an
ALT-INPUT digi on 144.99 instead of a full service digi on 144.39.

The TX load will be 2 to 5% of what it would be if the input was on
144.39 because it will only digipeat the locals that need it, and not
the 98% of other digipeater traffic coming at it from all directions.

Your digi will listen on 144.99 for locals and low power trackers
(probably fewer than a dozen) but will still digipeat them over to
144.39 to join the network.

Just a thought for some special applications...

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