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[aprssig] Having trouble with APRS setup

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Tue Dec 28 00:41:38 UTC 2004


AI5TX-2 has moved somewhat lower and east of downtown - it's not where the 
beacon would have you believe. We think there is a receiver issue. I am in 
the middle of a move, and KB5OVJ hasn't yet had time to get by the new site 
with test gear and verify what is going on. (We'll get the "real" 
coordinates in at some point - everyone involved with the digi has been 
extremely busy).

When it was on a building - top, the noise floor was so bad, only a signal 
greater than about 2 microvolts was being decoded. We've moved it to a 
somewhat lower but much quieter (RF-Wise) site.

You may wish to user a path of RELAY,WIDE2-2. This will virtually assure 
that anywhere in the metro Houston area, you get gated to the internet, and 
also rebroadcast by several stations around town.

I have two set - ups in my tracker:

RELAY,WIDE3-3   <-- What I normally run
WIDE5-5 <-- on trips

146.840/103.5PL suffers the same noise floor problem as our digi did,
until it was moved.

The DIGI is a PacComm TNC-2 clone, with a Delta-S General Electric radio 
converted to amateur operation by KC5EVE.

I monitor 443.825/146.92 103.5PL on both, and 146.880/103.5 PL. When on my 
home station also acdepts messages. WA2MCT-8.  My vehicle is a tracker 
(transmit only) WA2MCT-9.

Hope this helps.

At 06:28 PM 12/27/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Thank you all for your replies. I went to Radio Shack and bought a null 
>modem adapter, plugged it in, and now the TNC is transmitting. I changed 
>the rate from 1 minute to 5. Everything seems to be working ok except that 
>the digipeater in downtown Houston is not hearing my signal. I'm
>@ Keith VE7GDH

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