[aprssig] Parallel UHF APRS lewvel-4 node system.

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Tue Dec 28 10:44:44 CST 2004

I don't think it'd necessarily have to be a national channel, could be 
regional too even if it'd be a headache.  I do think it'd be possible to 
make a kit transceiver or perhaps a transverter to make it a viable 
option.  I don't think anyone's really wanted to bother with that piece of 
spectrum so there hasn't been a lot of effort to make things work on it.

The only 220 radio that comes to mind is the ADI AR-247.. At a MSRP of 210 
or so, it isn't horrible but definitely is more than I'd probably want to 
spend.  They use them (or another ADI model in the same freq range) here to 
connect the statewide repeater net otherwise I'd never know it existed.

Hopefully someday there will be a new high speed protocol and a new 
APRS-enabled radio to go with it.  I do like my D700 but there (like with 
everything) are some things that I think could've been done differently.  I 
don't regret the thing any though, it was quite a gift from my grandfather.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 11:33 AM 12/28/2004, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
222 is probably the best band I've ever run packet on.  Again, the 
difficulty is in the cost of 222 equipment compared to 144 or even 430 
equipment.  As for unused frequencies, that is a problem on almost every 
band in Southern California.  It is near impossible to put up a repeater on 
2m, 220, or 440 anymore.  We have had issues with proposed UHF APRS 
frequencies in the past because they have always been in the 440 band and 
on a .025 or .050 or .075 channel.  We are 20khz now.  I'm not trying to 
suppress the effort, I'm just realizing how difficult it will be to 
nationalize additional channels!

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