[aprssig] More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet

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Tue Dec 28 12:27:47 CST 2004

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> Now I remember why I abandoned conventional packet.
> of 100 systems and channels listed in our area, I just spent
> 30 minutes attempting the first 2 dozen and found only
> 1 DX cluster and one old BBS.

FireNet APRS servers are currently displaying TelPac Node stations.  Well 
over 400 of them.
In the near future, this will be near real time information.  Why?  This 
combines the use of APRS and W2LK TelPac Nodes and gives the APRS user a way 
do determine if a Telpac node is active in the area he is in.  Excellent 
tool for travelers, etc.  In some areas, Igates are gating there local 
Telpac Nodes to RF so mobile APRS users can tell if one is available and 
online for use.  Kind of solves the problem mentioned above!


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