[aprssig] More thoughts on Connected Packet

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Tue Dec 28 12:39:21 CST 2004

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> The resergence in connected mode packet is called Winlink2k.
> Far from perfect(*) but it's showing some incredible activity and, for 
> better or
> worse, has even been adopted by the ARRL/ARES as the way to go.
> It's an excellent mix of Internet and Amateur technology much like APRS 
> but
> for real Email messages instead of one line Instant Messages.

If you think about it, Email is really a secondary use of WinLink.  WinLink 
is nothing more than telnet connections to BBS's in a sense.  You do not 
have to use EMAIL with WinLink.  Most all the standard BBS commands work 
just fine
with a connection to a TelPac node. SMTP email option is certainly there and 
opens the door for real EMCOMM communications.  We used Winlink in the AZ 
State drill and it worked without flaw.
APRS hams should really look into this and help build a Telpac node network 
(not all on the same damn frequency) so that anywhere we might go, we can 
get email via RF on VHF.  The HF part is already there.
Here is the current list of TelPac Nodes: 
You can also see these nodes via APRS on FireNet and this will soon be near 
real time.


> It's fairly simple to set up a VHF/UHF server (called TELPAK) and provide
> services to the local community.
> It would be possible, in the minimal BBS mode of Telpak, to send and 
> receive messages
> even using an Kenwood with the built in crippled TNC..   Real email from
> a mobile with a PDA for a keyboard/display...

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