[aprssig] More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Tue Dec 28 13:20:04 CST 2004

Spider wrote:

> Not true all together, Phil.  Ocean going ships use SailMail all the 
> time without the internet and SailMail is pretty much the same as 
> WinLink. Although VHF Telpac nodes might use the internet the plan for 
> my area is to have two or three
> telpac Nodes that have different Internet providers.  If one fails, 
> others will work.  And if they do not work, The HF nodes all over the 
> US are there to use.
> Also, the same exact TNC running as a TelPac Node can also serve as a 
> Pbbs when needed.
> As I pointed out, it's an excellant tool to be part of a 
> communications plan.  I would not count on any single method
> of communications in a total EMCOMM plan.

I was not aware that WinLink utilized HF backbones as well as Internet.  
That certainly changes my perspecitve on its usefulness!

> Phil, with a TNC and another radio and antenna, you could be up and 
> running as a TelPac node in no time.  It would be a great service for 
> your local area....you have everything else that is needed and it will 
> run right along with the APRS server stuff.  Consider it!  And, worse 
> case is that it's kind fun to play with.

I have TNCs and radios to spare - I thought there was already a WinLink 
node in the LA Basin here.  If not, I wouldn't mind setting one up and 
exploring its usefulness!

Phil - AD6NH

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