[aprssig] Parallel UHF APRS level-4 node system.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 28 13:57:09 CST 2004

>>> kd5you at houston.rr.com 12/28/04 2:36:11 PM >>>
> If I remember,... Kenwood has a tri-bander model that can 
>accomodate 1.2 GHz  <snip>
> I thought about buying a Kenwood TH-D700....

The Kenwood TM-D700 works as-is on 1.2 GHz receive built-in,
including 9600/1200 baud TNC.  But doesnt transmit there

But in my mind, the most common thing that we can do with
conventional packet on RF is to continuously stream at
9600 baud full WEB pages of local HAM radio interest.
So you only need one 1.2 GHz transmitter and your rig
and laptop just absorb the web pages in the background
all day long and when you want something, it already has it.


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