[aprssig] Re: More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet now UPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Dec 28 15:02:22 CST 2004

> I dunno how many are so equipped.  My computer at home is so equipped, and
> my computer at work is also .. but I don't run my APRS station on either
> those computers. I run a dedicated computer that runs *only* APRS. I don't
> see the need to buy another UPS that would only last a few min anyway. If
> want to run APRS using the least amount of electricity / for the longest
> time I'd run PocketAPRS on my Palm.

My IGate is UPS-protected, but the last time we had any significant event
around here (6.4 earthquake), the ISP was down before my equipment went

I find a big, cheap deep-cycle battery and inverter to be more useful
anyway.  I can run all my 12-volt stuff more efficiently off the battery.
Along with a small inverter to run a laptop, the battery will keep me on the
air a long time.


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