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[aprssig] The new N-N paradigm summary

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 29 18:37:18 UTC 2004

Since there seems to be missunderstanding of the new 
n-N paradigm, here is a summary from the USER perspective:

1) RELAY and WIDE will always work.  The universal path
   of  VIA RELAY,WIDE should work everywhere for mobiles.

2) VIA WIDEn-N may still be supported in those wilderness
    areas that can still support if it desired.  AND any use of
    WIDEn-N will be "traced" like the old TRACEn-N used
    to do for better network understanding

3) VIA SS2-2 is a new State or Section wide path that should
    work everywhere in your state or section with more N's if
    needed.  SSn-N will be the most efficient for fixed stations 
    or commuters who choose to use it because it is dupe-less.

4) VIA xxLNKn-N is a special path along the major continental
    corridors that may *optionally* be used by long-haul
    travelers that may want to run more than 2 hops to keep
    in touch with other travelers along the same route. or to
    be sure they get into an IGate N hops away.

The advantages are multi-fold:

a) WIDEn-N cannot QRM areas where it is not wanted
    but can be used where it is acceptible

b) WIDEn-N is now tracable to origin without the
    overhead of having to precede it with a WIDE,WIDEn-N

c) Without WIDE,WIDEn-N, multiple dupes are eliminated

d) SSn-N damage is limited for abusive large N's

e) LNKn-N damage is limited for large N's but allows
    long hops if needed along corridors of human activity

This is a win-win solution that can be implemented
overnight with just a few remote-sysop changes to the
local digis.  No new hardware, no new software, no
dreams of coulda-shoulda-woulda... and  no requirement
for user education (at least for limiting damage)...

The only downside is that users can no longer use WIDEn-N 
flooding to the detriment of others in areas where such use is not
desired.  And this too is GOOD.

Lets do it.


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