[aprssig] Opentracker Event Counter

Komljanec Family komljanec at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 29 13:13:21 CST 2004


The event counter (hits since last reset) will be most useful for tracking
repeater activity.  It can be tied to the transmitter PTT (this is straight
forward) or even the RX COR, although this may be prone to high counts due
to COR chatter when subjected to weak signals. Unless some sort of timed
debounce is used (one event every second?).  

Similarly, if you have stable time keeping, a small twist to this would be
to count the time that the event counter input is in its active state.  In
the above example, it could track the total time the TX is up, the generator
is running, like an hour meter.  

The issue with most APRS telemetry devices is that they provide snapshot
telemetry values that are observed at the instant the packet is sent.  Your
event counter proposal takes things to a new level, since it will track
activity BETWEEN telemetry packet bursts.  Same idea for a weather station
application. maximum rate of rainfall, logging maximum wind gust, etc,  

Great work Scott!  


Tony K

> Scott Miller wrote:
>> I'm working on adding a new feature to the OpenTracker that'll let you 
>> count
>> events on one of its input pins.  It'll probably have a couple of modes -
>> number of counts since reset, number of counts since last transmit, and
>> maybe counts per hour.  I'm looking for ideas on possible inputs.  Some
>> suggestions:

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