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[aprssig] RE: NetNodes, the future

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Wed Dec 29 19:28:31 UTC 2004

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>1) This discussion has nothing to do with APRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>It is a discussion of what we could also be doing with
>AX.25 packet to pass emergency traffic and messages
>and emails and files via radio in support of emergencies.
>2) It is physically impossible to do these kinds of things
>on APRS over multiple hops on RF.  Those that try, not
>only fail that mission but also QRM everyone else that
>is trying to use APRS for what APRS was designed for!
Wrong, very wrong!  There are little things called IGates.  I have much 
sucess with using them throughout the world.  I have had much success 
with my D7 passing messages back home to So. Cal using nothing more than 
RELAY,WIDE or WIDE2-2 from many points in the country.  I rarely see you 
mention IGates as a vital part of the network, but they'll be more 
effective at passing long-distance messages than any LINKn-N setup.

Phil - AD6NH

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