[aprssig] RE: NetNodes, the future

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Wed Dec 29 14:58:41 CST 2004

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Humh, are we using the same language here..?
>But you cannot use them to pass bulk "messages" and 
>bulk emails and bulk files from RF on 144.39 in typical
>busy areas. which is what we are talking about here.
No, we're not using the same language, and it's probably, as Dick
pointed out, that this is the APRS sig.  I think the discussions about
NetGates and other things non-APRS should be moved to another sig
becuase I can't keep it straight.  You can't move bulk ANYTHING on
144.39, at least not in So. Cal., so anything co-sharing the channel
here is a mute point until we solve the RF loading problem.

Phil - AD6NH

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