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> "However, Airmail may be used for VHF/UHF Packet under limited 
> circumstances.  Airmail  is required for a radio user to
> connect to Winlink 2000 over HF radio.  Once connected to a compatible 
> station, message transfer is completely
> automatic.

The information on anything WinLink is poor.  This is a perfect example.

> Looks like it's finally time to check out Airmail since it's a smaller 
> application then Paclink
> and isn't suffering from .NET.
> Thanks...
> Bill

Yep...It works great on vhf packet.  There are some head scratching tricks 
to learning the difference between "post" and "send" but other than that, 
it's all automatic and works great!  You have to learn that you 'post' a 
message (like a que) and then you send it.  You can post a bunch of messages 
and then send them all at once!  And everything is sent compressed and 
typical compression is 10 to 40%, depending on the message.....and that is a 
step in the right direction.
If you need help email me off sig or call me.


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