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[aprssig] winlink

Art Bertheaume abertheaume at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 30 11:17:22 UTC 2004

I would like to make a point clear here to all APRS users before they Igate telpac nodes out to RF.  Just because the server is feeding you information on every telpac node out there does not necessarily mean that each and every one of those nodes is "online" It only means that they are registered with the Winlink system. Any well meaning person can gate these objects out if they are running an Igate.  It would be misleading to gate out the node if it isn't active at the time.  This was discussed on the wl2k group  awhile back to make the information dynamic, showing only those nodes that are currently active,  but it has not as-of-yet been implemented. 
Art, N9ZZK

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> Re; WinLINK:
> Yep, I think so too. ALready today, I have been monnitoring
> the local WINlink channel and have seen another APRS user
> use it. I think it is ideal for the bulk traffic and the ARRL
> seems to endorse it.
> Today, I'm going to add a LOCAL object for the local
> WinLINK station (on PARS) so that locals can see it on their
> radios. Note, this is a LOCAL-DIRECT object so it does no
> damage beyond the area where it can be used.
> Bob, WB4APR


All the WinLink Telpac and HF nodes are Shown on FireNet. If you connect 
there and watch, you will see them.
Please check the format we are using:
*300403z3408.75N/11417.50WnWL2K Port,WA6OFT,145.550,1200,PARKER, AZ

It gives any Igate connected to FireNet the ability to Gate these objects 
locally to RF. And the reason we encourge this is the same exact reason you 
just explained. APRS users can see where the nodes are without being 
connected to the internet.
As an example, An Igate connected to a filtered port might have a range 
filter set at 100km or whatever his local area is. he would then gate any 
Telpac node object that was within his filter range.



>>>> aprs at kd4rdb.com 12/29/04 3:40:33 PM >>>
>>From what I've read so far about winlink, and the power point show, it
> looks to
> me like winlink is a winner. I haven't even downloaded the software
> yet, but I
> see that it allows us to divert email automatically from internet to
> radio if
> internet fails. It uses standard email programs like MS outlook and
> eudora.
> The end user doesn't need to know anything except the name of the
> winlink mail
> server to program into his email program (in the case of an EOC lan).
> wow...
> It seems that winlink has done for HF email what aprs did for packet
> radio...
> made it extremely simple to use. And the less time we spend finegeling
> the
> system, the more time we can spend communicating. wow!
> http://www.winlink.org/Presentations/ARES.ppt is a great slide show,
> but a
> little confusing to me a times... wish I had a narrator! Some of the
> slides
> are a tweek "busy".... Can't wait to find out more!
> Looks like we have a hand in glove complimentary system to go right
> along with
> Wes
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