[aprssig] Quieting Honda Generator (was) Portable Ops from 12v via 115 VAC

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Fri Dec 31 13:45:26 CST 2004

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via 115 VAC

I have the 1KW Honda generator in use on my camper.  I love it in that it 
easily, has a handy 12 VDC charging output, and runs all night on the load 
the furnace even on very cold nights.  However, it also wipes out reception 
my 3-22 MHz SW receiver, and does a number on AM broadcast as well.  It 
the bands with birdies.  FM seems to be ok.

Speaking of Generators, I found a site for propane conversions and triple 
fuel conversions for small generators.
I have 5 generators ranging from 30kw to 2kw.  The 30KW Onan is propane 
powered and I never have fuel issues.
All of the smaller generators are gasoline powered and every year, I fight 
plugged jets or water in the gas on at least one of them.  I am considering 
changing at least one of them over to propane.  I have a Generac 3500 and 
the kit costs $82 dollars.  Not too bad and once propane, it will be hassle 
free.  http://www.uscarbs.com   check it out...kind interesting.


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