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[aprssig] APRS on expedition, but non ham?

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 1 04:57:42 UTC 2004

I don't know if you received any discouraging replies
to this suggestion but here is mine.

If you did this in the United States it would be
illegal.  An unlicensed operator can't operate amateur
transmitting equipment.  

A control operator who has a license must be in a
position to turn off or alter the operation of an
amateur station transmitter.  

You can't use equipment that requires a license if no
one carrying it doesn't also carry the license. 

Let me know if I misunderstood your post. 


--- Wolf Hoeller <wolf.hoeller at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi All!
> I'm trying to find a solution to put APRS on an
> expedition (around april/may 
> 2005) to Franz-Josefs-Land - but without an
> hamoperator in the team. Our goal 
> is to track them on findu.com or xastir or similar!
> The 4 teammembers have limited space because they
> have sleds and skis only!
> My idea is to give them a ham-like tracker with a
> solarloader outside on their 
> way.
> The best way could be to get a special call from the
> russian authorities and 
> play it via PCSat NO-44. As we know, PCSat-1 is not
> available on a regular 
> basis. Is there a replacement to be launched the
> next months?
> At this time I don't know anything about the
> communication equipment they will 
> have. When they use a sat-phone - perhaps a
> combination with a GPS-rx and 
> 'some intelligence'  will send 2 times a day a
> report.
> Anybody on the list with some ideas?
> -- 
> 73 de Wolf, OE7FTJ
> inet: oe7ftj_(at)_gmx.at
> ax25: oe7ftj at oe7xlr.#oe7.aut.eu
> ampr: oe7ftj at oe7xlr.ampr.org

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