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[aprssig] ID requirements...

Mike Yetsko myetsko at insydesw.com
Sun Nov 7 20:52:42 UTC 2004

Perhaps there needs to be a parameter for 'polite' sharing of the spectrum

Seriously, this may be a concern, if loads go high, have 'forwarded ID'
knocked out by 'percentage'.

Time for a fuzzy logic weighted truth table....

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> It's not illegal, I just think that as far as APRS goes, it's impolite
> not send an ID along with the same path as your data.  If bandwidth is a
> concern, just do the full-path ID less often, if your tracker will
> it.  Even if you only send it every 30 or 60 minutes, at least I can
look on
> FindU and see who's responsible for a tracker if it's causing a problem.
> Scott
> N1VG
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> Just remember that there is NO requirement that ANY transmission of an
> has to go anywhere.  It just has to be made 'on the air' by the actual
> transmitting station.  Along
> with that, a repeater does NOT fulfull the requirement if it broadcast
> 'inputs' ID.
> However, an 'input' signal CAN send and ID for itself, AND for the
> repeater.
> I know of a case where one of the 'tin cop' OOs issued warnings to
> individuals when
> they either ran out of coverage of a local repeater, or the repeater
> 'timed out' and
> shut down.  This little tin cop thought he was being cool with 'official
> warnings' until
> he was shown the rules.  That's not to say the people didn't break the
> rules.  But
> just because you can't hear an ID through the repeating device does NOT
> mean
> it's a violation.
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