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[aprssig] What means SWSR9V and WIDE6-6?

Russ Chadwick russ at wxqa.com
Thu Nov 25 15:38:29 UTC 2004

Commenting on Bob's comment below that "it might be a WX thing".  This
activity is not associated with APRSWXNET/CWOP.

Russ   KB0TVJ

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Subject: [aprssig] What means SWSR9V and WIDE6-6?

Looking at APRS this thanksgiving morning, I see 9
stations sending packets to SWSR9V all using the
WIDE6-6 Path.

Since SWS is not a standard APRS version number I
think it might be a WX thing.  But why are they all
sending with a path of WID6-6 in the middle of the
'East Coast population density where the ALOHA
circle is less than 50 miles and 2 hops is more
than enough to cover an entire state!?

Or is somthing getting messed up at one gate and
messing up innocent victims?
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