[aprssig] East Coast Balloon Launch 3PM Friday (now(

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 1 12:15:40 CDT 2004

NOW:   Another Balloon is going up at 3 PM EDT today
from NASA Wallops facility (MD/VA Atlantic shoreline)
Rare for us Easties....  Listen to it on your afternoon 
commute!  It should last 3 hours or more AND if you
have a boat that can go 30 miles to sea, you can help
recover it!

Its downlink is on 147.45 and has tones and other
experiments?  It does not have a GPS, but APRS
users should still be involved!  That is half of what
APRS was designed for.... DF-ING!

Also voice net on 7204 KHz

If you have a beam or any other way of getting
a bearing (especially Southern NJ), please get on APRS
and post your DF beam heading report.  Handheld 
ARROW antennas also do nicely.

Here are links to the BALLOON's page:


and to the APRS DFing WEB page:



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