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[aprssig] Re: increasing WideX-X

Kurt O. Jauss kf6hjo at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 3 02:24:10 UTC 2004

let me jump into this one. As I am the local IGATE in the area, WIDE3-3  
is not needed to get a packet into FINDU. As I hear all the local digis 
direct, a single WIDE  will get to me. Now that is not saying that it 
will every time due to collisions. There is also the problem of 
multi-path while in the mountains. The Yosemite Digi went up with a bad 
TNC,  another one is being bench tested and will be installed on 
Tuesday.  I will test the system sometime next week with a trek up to 
Yosemite. I doubt it will be before Thursday as I am taking flying 
lessons and plan to solo on tuesday.  ( WEE HAA)  Another item about the 
Yosemite Digi is it is south in the park and only one local digi sees 
it. W6BXN-3 is a very busy digi and I am sure there are a lot of 
collisions.. I hope the Wx will be a bit more reliable. It is using a 
KPC-3 , Wxtrack and a PEET 100 with .01 rain gauge.


Chris Kantarjiev wrote:

>Bob, Cap,
>>>It's possible to get a tracker signal into findu from 
>>>Oakhurst, but the path needs to be at least WIDE3-3, [or] more.
>>>It's abundantly clear that this isn't what APRS was designed
>But Bob ... I don't understand how to resolve this comment
>with your railing against QRM caused by long digipaths ... 
>The problem in that area is not congestion - I hear only a couple
>of stations and one or two beacons/minute. As far as I can tell,
>I'm one of a very few people, if not the only, interested in using
>APRS at the north end of 41. Or east of Bass Lake. (Or in the Eastern
>Sierra - the 395 corridor looks completely devoid of digis, but I
>don't get over there more than twice a year.) None of the Oakhurst
>club members that I've talked to have been interested.
>As you said, the problem is not enough digis that are around to
>listen for a first hop - that is, it's hard to get up from the
>valleys to the ridge top digis.  And once you do, I think it's still
>hard to get to an igate.
>I haven't tried to run a tracker in the area for about a month, so
>I wasn't aware that the Glacier Point digi had finally come on line
>(hmm, findu makes it look as if there are four versions of K6IXA
>up there! :-) That should help folks in the Park a lot - which is
>what it was meant to do - but I suspect that my area of interest,
>north and east of Oakhurst aka Southern Yosemite, won't see a lot
>of benefit.
>73 de chris KG6VYD
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