[aprssig] Re: Not in HTML Format Please...

Mike Yetsko myetsko at insydesw.com
Sun Oct 3 22:14:41 CDT 2004

> Keith, I fully agree with you. But what's with your post, and other
> that come across as:

What you saw was the way OE displays the 'message source' of rich text
format.  While it is a pain, it's not that bad, and not really THAT much
an overload of the system.  However, where do you draw the line?

For some systems, like what I reproduced below, the overhead of the rich
text is in fact minimal.  ( I took the name out to keep from further

BUT, while the email message that was the 'trigger' of this event was
in the area I reproduced, there are OTHER messages that have come across
this mail list that were NOT trivial.

(And I won't even go into the discussion that the 'few lines' of text in
message that started this had 7K of 'gifs' attached!  Just what someone
reading the mail on a PDA wants to see!)

Some people want to be cute with their emails.   They want graphics,
pretty pictures...  That's fine.  But with 110 emails a day coming into MY
I DON'T want to see attempts to be 'cute'.  I want the meat of the
and that's about it.

But please don't blame everyone who post in rich text, there really are a
of people out there that just don't realize what it is they are doing when
post it that way.

This really shouldn't have been an issue, as for as long as "I" can
I thought this list had a RULE that it was 'text only'.  Ok, some slipped
in.  But
then special exemptions were made for someone who felt it necessary that
everyone see 100K+ jpgs...

So...  it really is a QUESTION.  Does the list allow rich text format and
graphics?  Is there a single power in control that can say 'this is the
I have yet to hear it, one way or the other.

But I WILL say that, in my opinion, we should actively prohibit rich text
format.  Security issues aside, I thought there were people that got this
list on forwarders and repeater systems that went to things like PDAs
and rich text would be a SEVERE detriment to those in that situation.


The HTX-202 ht can not be opened up to go outside of the 2 meter ham band.
Ether below 144.00 mhz or above 148.00 mhz.

QTH  Pasco,   Wa

The HTX-202 ht can not be opened up to go outside of the 2 meter ham band=
=2E =20
Ether below 144.00 mhz or above 148.00 mhz.=0D
<<DELETED>>QTH  Pasco,   Wa=0D

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