[aprssig] Fundamental APRS capacity

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 4 11:32:31 CDT 2004

>>> "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 10/4/04 10:49:25 AM >>>
>> Thats the facts folks.  We can argue and fine tune the assumptions
>> above, but once we nail down that algorithm, I want to see it
>> in all APRS programs.
>What you're proposing is just showing the user what the 
>recommended settings would be for their network, not 
>setting them automatically and/or dynamically, correct?

Yes.  The user always should be able to set what he needs,
but he should always be aware of the network capacity.
and operate within it.  That is why I am asking all authors to
*always* draw the ALOHA circle on the map to keep the
user aware of what he is dealing with.

I fear that we keep harping on the users for having abusive
paths, but unless we show them a metric of the channel 
that is easy to visualize, it is otherwise out of sight and
out of mind...  

Thanks for considering the display of the ALOHA circle
on all maps.  Using the example before, it will be revealing
then as everyone converges on a HAMfest with their
1 minute mobiles how the usable range of APRS shrinks
to the size of the parking lot!

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