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[aprssig] Update of Sound Card Packet Website

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Tue Oct 5 20:04:47 UTC 2004

As many of you know, I maintain the "Sound Card Packet" website. It offers
extensive 'help' for those trying to implement the AGWPE program's sound
card modem feature for the first time. It may also be of interest if you
have recently developed a problem with the feature or are interested in
learning about some of AGWPE's advanced features. [AGWPE works with most
(all?) Windows-based APRS programs including XASTIR.] 

During the last month, I've made some changes to the site.

Site Address:  

The new URL for this site is
http://patmedia.net/ralphmilnes/soundcardpacket/  Until now, this had been
my secondary (mirror) site and QSL.net had been my primary site.
Unfortunately, there were just too many instances of slow response times
with QSL.net, so I decided to make the secondary site my primary site. I
hope this "new" site will be both quick and reliable, but if you experience
any access problems, please let me know. By the way, anyone going to the old
QSL address will be redirected automatically to this new address.

If you prefer, here is an even easier, shorter, more intuitive address to


This URL simply redirects you to

Specific Page Addresses: 

Besides the URL change, I also changed my scheme for page addressing. Each
page on the site has a new address. So, even if you corrected the host URL,
any previously bookmarked pages will no longer work.

Content Changes:

The site has been extensively reworked:

*  Numerous deletions, additions and corrections that have accumulated over
the last year

*  In particular, there was a major overhaul of the "Problems?"
troubleshooting pages

*  Added and corrected information about 9600 baud operations

*  Added several pages about using AGWPE's other features, e.g. network use,
remote control of AGWPE.  In particular,  the 'Tip and Tricks' page might be
of interest even to experienced users

*  Added information about configuring AGWPE's 'TCP/IP Over Radio' feature

*  Added a page about linking MixW to AGPWE, for those who prefer the MixW
HF packet modems

*  Added an option to download selected parts of the site in PDF files (the
only choice before was to download the whole site)

*  Added a link to an eight-language translator option (AltaVista Babel


Note: The latest version of AGWPE is still 2003.308:

Ralph Milnes KC2RLM

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