[aprssig] xastir install!!! wowsa!

Brian Riley (maillist) n1bq_list at wulfden.org
Wed Oct 6 12:36:29 CDT 2004

Wes is there another source for this distro - I am finding that ibiblio.org
is very slow/sluggish.

On 9/25/04 2:20 PM, "Wes Johnston" <wes at johnston.net> wrote:

> 1)downloaded mepis "live cd" version of linux.  I burned the image on a
> CD.  Took about 1 hour on my cable modem.  It can be downloaded at
> several mirrors... here is one:
> ftp://ftp.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/mepis/released/SimplyMEPIS-2004.
> 02.iso
> 2)booted the "live cd" on a 500mhz PC which happens to run on 12v thanks
> to a clever ATX power supply.  3 minutes to boot.
> 3)clicked on the "install to hdd" icon and followed the wizard.  Took 35
> minutes to install linux to the HDD.
> 4)booted from HDD into mepis linux.  Typed "apt-get update" and "apt-get
> install xastir" in a terminal window.  Xastir 1.3.2 was loaded along
> with GPSman and a bunch of other accessory libraries.  Took 3 minutes.
> 5)Ran xastir from command prompt and created an interface to
> kc4pl.zapto.org:14580 and connected to him.  1 minute.
> So, from start to finish I downloaded the linux operating system, burned
> a CD, installed the O/S, and installed xastir in 1hour and 42 minutes.
> If I already had the mepis CD, I could have done it in 42 minutes
> If I already had mepis (or other debian variant of linux) running, I
> could have had xastir running in 4 minutes.
> Wes
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